Proposition 18

"Proposition 18," collage, acrylic, graphite, ink, 8" x 8", © 2013 Wendy Tribulski

“Proposition 18,” collage, acrylic, graphite, ink, 8″ x 8″, © 2013 Wendy Tribulski

Both the artwork and the math for Propositions 18 through 22 form a group.  Math-wise these propositions are about how the sides of triangles and the angles they subtend relate.   Triangles math-wise led to bridges, structures, and machines art-wise.

Since Propositions 18 and 19 are two sides of the same statement, the artwork for both uses a vintage drawing from a patent for…not sure what…. but the structure for this machine is, of course, a triangle, a stable and rigid building structure.  The artwork for proposition 20 uses the triangular structures for a bridge, at various scales.  The artwork for Proposition 21 uses yet another vintage machine drawing.  And in the artwork for Proposition 22, I’ve used appropriately scaled circles from a lightbulb and a gear to draw the proof itself.

Although Euclid was writing about abstractions, the geometrical relationships are used all the time in some very real, down-to-earth stuff.


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