Proposition 25

"Proposition 25," collage, acrylic paint, ink, 8" x 8", © 2013 Wendy Tribulski

“Proposition 25,” collage, acrylic paint, ink, 8″ x 8″, © 2013 Wendy Tribulski


Last two propositions before parallel lines!  – an exciting transition in Book One.  Proposition 25 describes another relationship between sides of triangles and the angles contained by those sides:  in this case, a larger base indicates a larger subtending angle.

The collage elements in this piece (and the next one) relate to navigation.  Congruent and similar triangles as well as correlating a larger side to a larger subtending angle has determined unknown distances for many centuries.  The image I’ve overlaid on the collage here is a  piece of a vintage navigation diagram, slightly adjusted so one triangle has a larger base than the other.

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